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Server [Locked]

Zoroark173 Owner posted Apr 17, 13
Hey guys, this post is a bit late, so most of you have probably already noticed, but currently, the server is in a state called Locked. This means that only admins can come on, or a few specified other people, and is mainly done when we push out a new patch, or want to test some features out without interruption. After this patch, I hope that you guys all enjoy what happens :D

Also, please congratulate dledger as our newest Admin!
Awesome7011 when will server be up

Temporary Whitelist!

Zoroark173 Owner posted Apr 12, 13
Hey guys! For a little bit, the server will be temporarily whitelisted. Please do not ask for whitelist, as this is so that the admins and I can fix some stuff on the server without interruption.


Can't resolve hostname fixed!

Zoroark173 Owner posted Apr 11, 13
Hey guys, sorry about the little "Can't resolve hostname" error that has been going on! It is fixed now, and I am sorry for troubling you!

Server's back up!

Zoroark173 Owner posted Apr 6, 13
Hey guys! The server is back up! I'm sorry, the down-time took MUCH longer than I had initially expected. As compensation, they Black Market will be open for 1 week. Thank you all for understanding!
Awesome7011 o Sweeeeeeett its up i will be on this sunday! ...

Server Downtime!

Zoroark173 Owner posted Apr 3, 13
Hey guys, there will be a bit of down-time, as I work to increase the speed of the server dramatically! The host computer will be going through some some much needed tune-ups, and will hopefully make EpikwestMC a better experience for you all!
Awesome7011 Sweet cant wait for it to come back up! ...
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